Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today my sweet mother would have been 50 years old. I'm sure, if she had ever attained such advanced age, no one would have ever believed she was that old. People look at my wedding pictures and ask where my mother is--and then say they thought Mom was my sister. Hopefully she passed on some of those good genes...

I know that time is supposed to heal all wounds, but I can't imagine that I will ever miss her less. I know it was a privelige to live in her home and be called her daughter, and I'm grateful for all the happy memories I have of her. One day, Lord willing, we'll make more together.

For now, I just roll over and over in my mind the little conversations and pictures I have in my mind. Like hearing the sound of her heels in the kitchen after church when I was little, and wanting so much to be beautiful and elegant and grown up, just like her. Seeing her come into the kitchen and reach into the cabinet for her favorite snack--a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips on top (try it!). Coming home from school and seeing her talking with Tinea and Penelope every Tuesday. Watching her in the kitchen--always in the kitchen--making whatever her guests liked best. She kept a list of everyone's favorites and dislikes on the back of the address cards of her friends (No onions, etc. :). Seeing her little doodles of grapes and curlicues when she'd been in another long phone conversation with someone who needed counsel. Coming downstairs on Valentine's Day to a plate of cookies, just for me. Seeing her standing on the step to kiss Dad. Painting the dining room with her, watching her agonize over paint colors, and laughing at her thwarted perfectionist tendencies as she struggled to cut in such a dark red. Admiring her when she succeeded :). Hearing her laugh until the tears came when all her family was in town for the holidays. Standing next to her as we prayed for friends. Seeing her Bible, covered with notes. Changing sheets for back-to-back guests. Never complaining. Always serving above and beyond. Always giving wise counsel based on Scripture, not just her opinion.

If God grants me another 19 years, I hope I may be a little more like her; as faithful a friend, as constant in prayer, as loving a wife and mother. And I pray that her granddaughters, who will not know her this side of heaven, will grow to be like her just the same. I can't wait to see you again, Mom.
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Christa said...

What a sweet piece to honor your mom. From what I read and having been a guest in your house, I can you tell you a lot like her! I pray for the sweet peace that can only come from God to surround you as you remember your special mom today!

Ellen said...

It's hard to see those pics. They give me a pang. Was it really that long ago that she left? I still remember the sound of her voice and her heels on the kitchen floor, too. I really wish I had more time to get her know her better. I know I would've been a frequent guest at her home now that we're in Raleigh, and its a loss not to have her down the street. Sometimes I forget for a second that she's not there... I'm sure you do, too. I love you, and I'll be praying for you as you remember her today.

SMS said...

What beautiful and precious memories. Sending you hugs sweet friend - XOXO

rob said...


Thank you for the beautiful post. I only met your mom once and it was an honor to meet her. But I know you and I think you are a lovely woman of God and that you have so many gifts from God through your parents. May God bless you and comfort you during these times.


Ruth Ellen said...

Terri -
I have no words. . . I love her and miss her too, so I can't imagine how much you miss her. What an incredible, Godly woman -
My heart is with you today, Terri.
Ruth Ellen

Ivy Mom said...


I'd like to say something encouraging, but not sure I have the right words. This is a special entry and I appreciate you sharing it. Take care, Sarah

Alicia said...

Aching with you, as you miss your mom. I am thankful for all the ways your mom poured into you. You remind me of all the things you wrote about your mom. You have a beautiful Mom, Terri.

Love you sweet friend,