Friday, October 23, 2009

Isaac's Honey Hole

Like Papa, like father, like son...
Isaac caught 4 good-sized brim all by himself last Saturday! (well, Daddy did help him cast, but that was it).
Claire was too skittish to touch the fish, but she wasn't afraid of the worms (like mama, like daughter :)
We're loving the cooler weather, and having Daddy back from out of town!
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Heidi Brachle said...

I love your last picture in this post! Congratulations to Isaac; looks like he's already a pro. I continue to pray for you guys with your housing search. I know what a battle it can be, especially within one's own heart. I remember praying for "bizarre" circumstances that would allow us to buy the house we wanted and needed, and I had no idea in that moment just how bizarre the Lord was going to allow things to be. =) I pray when the right house comes along for you that the circumstances will be less bizarre and less complicated. =) Miss you!

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