Thursday, May 06, 2010

It's a ....

We had our big ultrasound yesterday! It was really fun (despite being really early in the morning), especially because it was the first ultrasound the kids could participate in--without being the subjects :). They were really excited about meeting the new one, and Isaac talked about the baby the WHOLE drive to the hospital.

Everything looked great, Baby checked out exactly with my due date, is a healthy 13 oz., and is a--wait for it--GIRL! I told the tech that we wanted to know, but I wanted to try and figure it out for myself first. Our little lady showed us her gender last, and she was a little wiggly by that point, but I got a pretty decent view and gasped, "It's a girl!" I was so surprised. I had really started assuming that it was a boy. I don't know exactly why I kept thinking that, but I did. So seeing girl parts on the screen was kind of a shocker for me. Still is, a little!

I turned to Isaac and said, "Isaac, you're going to have a little sister!" To which he wailed, "I didn't want to have a SISTER!!!! I wanted a GIRL!!!!!"

I'm still not sure what he meant by that. But it was pretty funny :).

Being the mother of not one but two girls is starting to make me realize what a big responsibility I have as a mother. Somehow I have to model what it looks like to be a godly woman for them. Intimidating. And what about competition, inferiority complexes, endless comparison, estrogen spikes?! Yeesh. But intimidation aside, I am so excited to get to raise sisters--I'm looking forward to all the talking and teaching and giggling and slumber-partying.

But first things first--mostly I'm looking forward to cuddling a sweet little lady in a few months!


juillet said...


Babies are little stars that God hands to us :)

Catherine said...

Does Issac have any girl friends from the neighborhood or church? Maybe he enjoys the girlfriends, but his sister can still be a bit of an annoying baby? So a girl would be fun but a baby sister is less fun?

Congrats and well done interpreting an ultrasound!


Ivy Mom said...

Congratulations! Either way, you were in for another special blessing! I'm one of two girls and love having a sister. Special stuff!

joven said...
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