Friday, May 21, 2010

Kids' Top Baby Names

In no particular order, the kids have suggested:

1. Azalea (the baby doll's name)
2. Fluffy (!)
3. Claire (guess who chose that one :)
4. Baby Terri

Hmmm.....any other ideas? :)


Ellen said...

I'm with whoever chose Fluffy. I also like Anne Cordelia. =)

ruth said...

Piper is always trying to get someone to name their girl Clementine...she even made me call her that for a week.

Jessica said...

cute :) my kid's choices were Superman, Daisy and Chicken.
Good luck....I'm not sharing my choices ;)

Anonymous said...

One of my fave girl names right now is Evangeline. It's really pretty and it's old fashioned. I don't know,I just like it. :)


ellie said...

My favorite names are Nicole and Allison and I think your mom used them! I wonder where she got the idea? Hummmm. My other favorie names are Clair and Emily and Denise!(I had a boyfriend in HS named the boy name of Clair! Love that name ...
so, my list is not very good seeming that all the names are used in the family already! :) How about ELLEN????? tee hee hee
ellen fox

Susan said...

SInce it appears ALL seriousness is aside . . .I think she should have a name that begins with the letter "U". Then you can call all your kids by their first initials and "I C (see) U"
(not like the icu in the hospital)
Maybe Ursella or Uma or Unique or Ukalily or . . . I keep thinking on it for you. You can thank me later!