Wednesday, September 08, 2010

In Claire's World

Claire's version of "I'm in the Lord's Army":

"I may never march in the -- YES MA'AM!!!!"

Claire going to a friend's house:

C: "I'm going to Pattea's house"
Isaac: "It's not Pattea, Claire. Her name is Mattea."
C: "No!!!! Her name is Ka Puh.... Ka Puh.... Ka Puh...(obviously struggling)"
Vance: "Pattea?"
C: "Yes! Pattea!!" (we now call Claire's friend General Petraeus :)

Claire, upon seeing me with curlers in my hair (a rare sighting!):

C: "Mama!! I see your hair! It is LILLY LILLY LILLY pretty!! Do you, are you, do you have Twizzlers in your hair?" (Note: she liked my hair better with the curlers in than out :)

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