Friday, March 04, 2011


Today I inducted Isaac into the culinary world. Appropriately for us, we started with PB&J.

I was inspired last night after reading one mom's food blog...she lets her 3 and 8 year olds do everything in the kitchen with her...chopping, peeling, you name it. She has pictures on her blog of her 3 year old with a 9" Henckel's. I'm not quite ready to give my knives to Claire, but I realized that Isaac was ready for a little more responsibility. And he was. I sliced the bread, but he assembled the sandwiches, washed the grapes, and I gave him his first knife lesson. I held his hand and we sliced red peppers together. It was fun, and the proud look on his face as he served up lunch was priceless.

I think tomorrow I'm going to teach him how to scramble eggs. My goal is to retire from the kitchen by 2012.

Here is Claire's new accomplishment:

I'm sure that's a pretty normal drawing for a 3 year old, but it's not normal around here. I'm no artist, and Isaac is too much of a perfectionist to get out there and try. So this is the first human sketch I have received from a child of mine. Not too shabby! She actually drew one on the Magna Doodle with recognizable appendages, but she erased it before I could get my hands on it.

It's so fascinating how different personalities make way for different abilities. Isaac is careful, and has an eye for perfection. Blessing and a curse, I say. Claire is eager, and ready to try ("All by myself!") and keep trying. Her threshold of frustration is much higher. Again, it's a blessing and a curse.

And Evie? She did roll over at nap time two days ago, and she is an expert at toe nibbling. Everyone has their level.
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Becca said...

I think that is a beautiful 3 yr old picture! My girls have been late bloomers in teh art department, although now Eva is creating nonstop. Hope is waaaaaay behind Claire though!

Also, Eva has been in the kitchen a ton lately. I realized that I baked my first cake in 1st grade. As soon as I could read well, I could do it since I had helped so much in the kitchen before. My current goal is Eva able to make a cake by 2nd grade and a full dinner by 4th grade. Hope I'm not that awful overbearing mother... but I totally want to work myself out of a job :)!

Joy said...

Recently, I was knocked down by a horrible stomach virus...I literally couldn't stand up for more than five seconds.
It had never occurred to me to teach A. how to make a sandwich, but she jumped right in and made lunch for herself and her little sister.
I felt so bad that she had to do that, but was glad that they won't starve if anything happens to me :)