Monday, March 14, 2011

First Food

One of the things I've done differently with baby #3 is to jump into cloth diapers. Isn't it funny how cloth diapers were so passe after disposables came in, and now they're all the rage? How can something that holds baby poo be chic? I'm still not sure about that one :).

I had considered cloth diapering when I was pregnant with Isaac, but paying $1 wash/$1 dry quickly nixed that idea. I was reluctant to begin anything that would mean more work for me this time around. However, my kids have had significant diaper rash issues, and I wanted to see if cloth would help their bottoms. Let me tell you, I am sold. Evie has had NO diaper's been such a relief. I'm not sure if I would have taken the leap without that skin incentive, but I've been so pleased at how easy they are...and having virtually no blow-outs is a definite plus.

Vance talked me into letting Eve start solids this week. Being lazy (and using cloth diapers this time), I wasn't too eager to get going, but I admit that it is really fun to see her try new foods. She started out with sweet potatoes with a healthy swirl of good butter. And a little salt. People, it's better for her that way...and who would want to eat veggies without butter? Not me, for sure.
Still trying to decipher the flavor profile.
Not sold on the mouth feel.

I think she's a true Whitaker child. Despite her suspicious face, she took to food like a duck to water. The first 8 spoonfuls or so she was still getting the hang of swallowing, but she loved it. I gave her avocado the other day, and she likes that, too. Next thing I know, she's going to be fighting me for my steak.
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