Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Little R&R

Thanks to some very gracious friends of ours, we were able to spend a couple of days at their condo near Fort de Soto Beach. It was so fun!

You know how, when you're in charge, suddenly vacation seems almost like too much work to be worth it? Isn't it sad that adulthood can almost talk you out of having fun sometimes? With three little kids and a sick husband, I had a hard time getting a vision for a 2-day vacation. It was going to be longer, but Vance wasn't feeling well enough to go for the first day. There were many times while I was getting everything ready that I was struggling with self-pity. It's just hard to have to do everything sometimes...or at least that's the way I felt. And it is true that these days, if it's going to be done, it's going to be me doing it. It's a battle most days.

But as I was standing in the Gulf holding my baby, looking back to the white sandy beach where my children were happily playing, I had to repent of my skewed vision. Yes, we have trials we are facing. But in the grand scheme of things, we are so blessed. It's one thing to ask for the mercy of relief and healing. I do countless times a day. But it is quite another thing to be so blinded by the difficulty of life that I cease to marvel at the mercies he is continually giving. God save me from myself.

And while I look forward to the day that I am not trying to pack, clean, load the car, take care of the kids, AND simultaneously look cute enough in a sundress to go out for dinner, it was so worth it. :)

Eve needed a bit of convincing that the beach was fun, but she warmed up. Crawlers sure do get sand everywhere!

My favorite part of the trip...grilling out at the beach for dinner and walking back to the water for the sunset...

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Alicia said...

Terri, I love you so much. Thank you for sharing the realness of it all. Praying for loads of energy for you and healing for Vance. So thankful you had all had a little vacation together.