Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easter (backtrack to April)

 I have obviously failed miserably when it comes to keeping this blog updated over the last few months.  Sorry about that!  My good camera has died a (probably long-overdue) death, and I'm shooting with my little camera.  It's uninspiring and frustrating, so it's been hard to take many pictures.  I'm not going to try and recapture all of our winter and spring, but here are a few photos from Easter. 
 The kids really enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with friends!
 It took Eve all of 3 eggs to figure out that there was something worth having inside: chocolate!  Her daddy was foolish enough to let her have a candy early on, which destroyed her emotional equilibrium for at least 15 minutes.  Sound familiar?
The best we could do at a family photo.

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