Thursday, May 31, 2012

May visit to NC

We took Isaac out of school for a long-overdue trip up to NC.  We usually drive overnight, and it works great for us, but this time I was coming down with some virus that made it feel like a never-ending slog through the rural southeast.  We made it, though, and I collapsed at my in-law's door, handed off the kids, and crawled into bed.  Thank God for grandparents, right?

Vance was pretty tired too, but we recovered.  We had a lot of celebrating to do in Oak Ridge, since it was Mom's birthday and Mother's Day that weekend!  Ellen, David, & co.  drove over for a day, which was great.  The older the kids get, the better they play together. I didn't grow up knowing my cousins well, so it's especially heartwarming for me to see my kids get to have those relationships.

 We had a lot of fun trying to spoil Claudia on her big day, although it's hard to get my mother-in-law to stop working :). We made her meals, Isaac and Vance took her out on a date for lunch, we visited family, and Claire and I had a little tea party with Mom. It was all a lot of fun.
 We stayed with Ellen and David while we were in Raleigh, and even though we were in and out a lot, it was still really nice to get to spend a little more time with the Bragdons. Our family eats about twice as much as theirs does, so Ellen went to a lot of effort to keep up with our eating habits (thanks, dear!).  I didn't get the best picture of Ben, but he is growing up so fast.  Eve has been saying "Baby Ben" ever since our visit.  We were all smitten by his cuteness, and he even warmed up to me to let me hold him!
 You know it was a fun trip when Isaac wore himself out enough to nap on Vance one afternoon!
 The biggest reason for our visit was to see Dad and Deonni's new baby, little Austin.  He was born in early March, so he was already cooing and smiling and interacting with us by the time we got to meet him.  He is such a sweet baby, and his social smiles and gurgles won us over right away.  Granny, you were right: he is very alert!  Deonni is already recovered and back to her energetic self.  I'm sure Austin's going to be so changed by the next time we see him...but it was great to get to meet him while he's still tiny.

Eve was giving everyone her patented stinkeye while we were in NC, but when I tried to capture it on camera, she gave me this.  Typical :).

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