Monday, December 31, 2012

Claire is 5!

On Wednesday my girl turned 5.  In so many ways I feel like she's been five for a long time...sometimes I have to stop and remind myself of how little she still really is.  Five years old finds my Claire full of life: artistic, creative, generous, social, and so loving.  She is my kitchen assistant, my little mama, and her daddy's sweetheart.  We love her so.

Like last year, I interviewed her on her birthday, asking her questions about herself.  Some of her answers are similar to last year's, but others are different.

Claire at 5:
1. Favorite color –pink and purple and blue and gold
2. Favorite food – macaroni and cheese, pizza, hot dogs, cake, and other kinds of treats
3. Favorite dessert – strawberry cake
4. Favorite friend - Sydney
5. Favorite play activity – play princess
6. Favorite fruit - watermelon

7. Favorite vegetable - salad
8. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A doctor
9. What are you most excited about for this upcoming year?
Having people over to my birthday party

10. What is your favorite Bible story?
Jesus dying on the cross, and Jesus being born
11. What kinds of things are scary to you?M
Monsters.  If I saw an angel I would be afraid (we've been reading through the OT and the gospel of Luke, can you tell?)
Who makes you laugh?
Isaac doing funny things
What is something that you're really good at?
climbing the tree fort, cutting paper, drawing pictures, writing my name
14. What is something that's difficult for you to do?
carrying very heavy boxes with lots of stuff in it.
Who do you want to marry when you grow up?
Daniel (a friend from church)
Where do you want to live when you grow up?
Australia (she has my wanderlust already....she is always planning to live on other continents)
What is something that you love about God?
That he loves me and takes care of me.

16. What is your favorite movie?
Toy Story
17. What is your favorite book?
The Princess books that Papa and Noni got me for Christmas
18. What instrument would you like to play when you grow up?
The violin
19. What is your favorite sport?
20. What is so special about being 5?
Turning the number 5, and I love my new presents.

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