Monday, December 31, 2012

Evie is 2!

....Well, Evie turned two in September, but who's counting? :)

Eve is 2 going on 6.  For the last few months, when people would ask her how old she was, she would say, "Six!" She acts that way, too.  She is shockingly verbal for her age, and she understands pretty much everything that people tell her.  She captures the heart of every mom that volunteers at our school group's nursery, and she makes friends everywhere she goes with her outgoing nature.  She is climbing the ladder up our new tree fort like a pro, and she insists on doing everything by herself.  She is my cuddly, affectionate girl, and she is also my little pistol, with a stubborn streak and a temper that could only come from her mama's Welsh heritage.

She's a little too small to interview, but Evie loves:

baby dolls, playing mama, stealing my phone and sending gibberish text messages, dressing up like a "booful pwincess", climbing, coloring (anything!), and reading lots of books (she is loving Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Library, Dr. Seuss, and My Lucky Day right now). She is rivaling her older sister in her love of singing, constantly entertaining us with Frere Jacques, Jesus Loves Me, and Somewhere over the Rainbow, and singing anything from our Classical Conversations memory songs.  She loves telling and retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs, playing with (and bossing around) her older siblings, telling jokes, making people laugh, mastering the art of procrastination at bedtime, and keeping Daddy from leaving the house with countless demands for "hug! hug! kiss! kiss!". 

She is my bright girl, my enthusiast for life, my comidian, and my snuggle bug. We love having our sweet Evie as a two year old!

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