Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Today we went to the wading pool with Caleb & Alicia. It's close to our house, but we'd never been. We had a great time, all except for the leaving part. Claire can still nap in the sling, and I've been doing that some lately when we want to be out and about all morning. It worked pretty well!

I didn't get any pictures of Claire at the pool, but took a few after we got home. Darling? Yes, I think so!

Isaac didn't want to be left out of the photo shoot. Here he is, eating at the table like the big boy he is! We've moved him up to eat with the adults, and we all like it a lot.

Other random notes from our days here:

- Isaac now asks for backrubs when he's going to bed. I think it's cute, but it scares me too...I can barely keep up with Vance's backrub addiction! What will I do when he's 16 and they go lift weights together at the gym or something, and they both want backrubs the next day? Yikes.
- We've had some angelic visits to the grocery store lately. I've gotten lots of admiring comments about how well-behaved my children are, and how easy I make having two kids look. I smile demurely and beam down on my angelic children, and then we float away to go get more peanut butter. The only downside to our visits to the grocery store is that Marv, one of the cashiers, thinks that Claire is a very cute little boy. It seems like every time we're in his checkout line, she's wearing yellow, green, or blue, and for some reason he doesn't notice the very floral/be-ribboned aspects of her attire. At least he likes my kids.
- I love love love one of my local consignment stores, and got lots of good stuff at my fave spot's 50% sale. Lots of Ann Taylor, JCrew, Banana Republic stuff there. Hooray for me!
- Isaac lost my keys. They're around here, somewhere...
- I've been experimenting with eating more raw food, and it's been good. I shredded up zucchini and made "pasta" with it, which everyone liked. In fact, Isaac pulled the leftovers out of the fridge and asked to eat the plain zucchini shreds for lunch. He did, and really enjoyed it. I count it as a minor victory in my life as a parent.
- We finally cracked and put in our A/C today. It's been a beautiful, perfect MN summer so far, but today it's supposed to hit 92--maybe the second time we've gotten to 90?--and we put it in. It's nice to feel the cool air, but I miss having the windows open.
- Vance and I are going on a date tonight! To a highly reccommended Thai restaurant! That's pretty cheap! Hooray!


Susan said...

So about the backrubs.... I too am married to a backrub addicted weightlifter. So I bargain for them - I don't like making lunches, so I give a 10 minute backrub in exchange for him packing my lunch the next day. Works pretty well!

Terri said...

hmm, I wonder what would happen if I let Isaac make my lunch? There's a thought... :)

julie said...

Oh my goodness! Could my little niece and nephew be any cuter?? Those pictures are great. Claire's sweet, little personality is seeping right through that photo! Obviously this Merv character is in desperate need of corrective lenses. And I'm so impressed with Isaac and his zucchini eating (not to mention, your creativity and cooking skills). His Aunt Julie is proud of him! And I thank him for being a good example to his Uncle AJ, who I'm hoping will learn to branch out in the veggie department before our little one begins eating solid food. Miss you guys!