Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stupid Mommy Tricks

I should have known that it would happen someday. But Mom always said I had low self-preservation instincts (have I mentioned that before?), and my maternal instincts are apparently afflicted with the same malady.

We were leaving a friends' house after Friday prayer (and yes, we're actually getting some prayer done in the midst of the chaos!), and packing our 3-ring circus into the car. I had just clicked Claire into her seat, and thrown in my purse and diaper bag. Isaac climbed in, but hadn't gotten buckled yet. Do you see where this is going? I realized that Isaac had left his shoes inside, closed the door, and ran in to grab his shoes. On the way in, I thought, "I hope Isaac doesn't lock the car on accident."


Then Bethany noticed there was a bee in the car.

So there we are, an hour past naptime, with Claire innocently looking around at the bee buzzing around her head, Isaac ecstatically "driving" in the front seat (and shamelessly showing off for Eva), while I stand helplessly at the driver door, tapping on the window, saying, "Isaac, honey? Push that button! That button right there!" He giggles and keeps driving. Bethany immediately starts praying that the bee won't sting the kids, and Becca starts laughing at me. Me? I'm picturing 3 hours of standing next to my car, begging a hysterically grumpy child to push the magic button, and I'm not thrilled. I start wondering why I still haven't put a spare key on the outside of my car... I keep tapping the window...

And then Isaac just opens the door. Effortlessly. Crisis over. It probably only lasted 2 minutes.


In other news, when we went to the grocery store this week, I dressed Claire in bright fuschia capris and a top with big hot pink hibiscus flowers on it. We got in Marv's line, and I waited for the baby talk to begin with a thinly veiled smile. Would he get it?

"How's my baby girl?!"

Hooray for Marv! He got it! If he had missed that sign, I would have had to put a Minnie Mouse bow on Claire's head.

Here are more pictures from the last couple of weeks:

That's Isaac delighting in green eggs. We were reading "Green Eggs and Ham" before breakfast, and then when I asked him if he wanted some breakfast, he said, "Want green eggs and ham!" I didn't have any ham, but I could get some green eggs on without much hassle. He loved it.
Isaac helping Vance do push-ups, with Claire imitating as well (or looking on in adoration, either one. She loooves her daddy). I just got a great deal on a gym membership (with included childcare!), and Vance and I have a deal that he has to do 50 push-ups for every extra day that I work out and he doesn't. If he works out more than me, I have to run two miles for every day I'm under. So far he has 250 push-ups in his tally, and I haven't had to run extra yet. I plan to keep it that way. :)

We watched Hazel recently, and Isaac was a big help! Can't you see him helping Hazel eat her cereal?

She was an angel child, as always. She makes Claire look like a mischevious and fussy child in comparison.

Small group picnic! Perfect weather, burgers, bocce ball, and friends. What more could you ask for?

Isaac and Maddie had a great time at the picnic, too.

what a gentleman! hope it sticks...

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Bethany said...

Hi Terri!
Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog! It is so fun to be able to keep up with your family...your kids are adorable :)
It looks like the Lord is blessing your life there in MN, although I'm still praying someday you'll be back on the east coast ;)

I've had lots of opportunities to hang out with Allie this summer...its been so much fun. (We always talk about how wonderful it is to be an aunt!)

Love you!