Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9 Months

Claire had her 9 month checkup yesterday... she is 18 lbs 5 oz (43%) and 27 inches long (34%). The doctor said, "She's smaller than I thought she'd be," but nonetheless proclaimed her, "beautiful, happy, and healthy." I didn't have to go to the doctor to know that :)
She's my adorable toothless wonder. But that's fine with me...the doctor said teeth that come in later are healthier, anyway.
I told her how much Claire was eating, and Dr. McKay was floored. Apparently 2 slices of bread and a full adult-sized cereal bowl of veggies is a lot...about 6 times the average serving size. But I guess it's okay. Isaac did that too.
Besides, that's the way she likes it.
I'm starting to wonder if a tooth is about ready to show, though...she's been uncharacteristically grumpy the last day or so. (Although the ladies who watched her at ECFE this morning said, "She is the BEST baby ever!" when I came to get her.)
More updates on Isaac coming soon, I promise.

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SMS said...

what an adorable little girl :) can't wait until mine are that age :)