Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mr. GQ, the Scooter Daredevil

This picture cracks me up to no end. Pink sunglasses and hand-me-down clothing aside, I think he could be a child model. And I'm not biased at all :).
We had a wonderful visit with Nana and Papa this past week! Dad and Vance did a lot of fishing, and Mom and I did a lot of talking and park-visiting. We had pretty good weather, and it was really great to have family around. Too bad Claire and Vance were sick on and off during the visit.

Last week, Isaac figured out how to pedal his tricycle. That was big news in our world, and biking around became Isaac's new obsession. But this next development came waay sooner than I expected: using a scooter. I think of that as a big-boy piece of equipment, but Isaac figured out how to ride and push himself around. He's not going that fast yet, but just give him a week or two, and I'm going to need an amped-up first aid kit. :)

Look at that concentration!
Oh, and Mom & Dad, you left at just the right time for your weather tastes. The evening after you left, I noticed a definite change in the wind. Fall is here, and it's not going back.

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