Thursday, September 18, 2008

Indian Summer

We are relishing the last, brief fling of warmth that is Indian summer this week. I hope it lasts a few weeks...we'll see. Beautiful, warm days...evenings with just a hint of crispness that make you think you might, just might like to see fall come around the corner. So we are outside as much as possible, considering our fall schedule.

It's an easier schedule this year, since I'm teaching fewer students. We're still relatively busy, but we get more time at home, which is good for me. It can be easy to have home be a pit stop for eating and sleeping, so it will be good for us to have more down time here. You're not alone in that, Ellen!

Not too much other excitement around here, except that Vance gashed his lip open playing basketball and had to get 6 stitches in his lip. It was cute to see Isaac so concerned. He kept saying, "Daddy's going to the doctor, and he'll be ALLL better!" I was not feeling well the other day and was resting on the couch while Vance rubbed my head, and Isaac was a little worried about me, too. He came over to help Vance rub my head. What ensued felt a lot like a wrestling match than a headrub, so it's a good thing I love my kids and I wasn't feeling too sick! :)

Claire is pulling up on everything now, and eating just about all soft table foods. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel---the day where I stop spoon feeding! Now, if she could only grow some teeth...

I promise I didn't pose him!

My flower child. I have received dozens of dandelion gifts this summer. Now if I could only teach him to stop picking other people's real flowers :/

Claire's first ponytail! I feel like a real mom of a girl now...that and the fact that Claire has twice as many shoes as Isaac does (of course, that's not hard when he only has 2! :)

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Ellen said...

Hmmm... I see what you mean about seeing some Seth in there now. Interesting... I wouldn't have said that about Claire a few months ago.