Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Festival...arrr!

Well, our costumes were a little more slapdash than I had originally intended. But, in my defense, I was planning on having Vance's help in putting them together that afternoon, and then he had to work for an extra 4 hours last minute. So I was frantically taping and cutting all afternoon. Remember, the theme for the Fall Festival this year was Pirates of the Carribean. In case you can't tell what we're supposed to be...... I am a music pirate of the Carribean (I only pirate reggae music. Ya man). Vance is a redneck pirate (his ammo belt is 20-guage shotgun shells attatched with ductape), and Claire is a parrot. Isaac was too embarrassed by our shoddy costumes to pose with us. He was a scurrrrvy dog. I wanted to find some creative way to attatch lemon slices to a hat with dog ears, but considering that Isaac probably wouldn't have allowed a hat to stay on his head, and that I had run out of time, he just held the lemon instead :/. And it was all I could do just to get him to let me pencil in a nose on him. But he loved his sword.

the tissue paper that I had painstakingly attatched to Claire's jacket was already falling off quickly. It's sort of a concept piece, really :)

Hazel was a very cute little pirate

Look at the Patenaudes! Note the look on Becca's face and the clenched fist ("wait a second! why is no one else wearing costumes?! I went through all this trouble to have you all play a practical joke on me?!) We were playing tag football, and had all taken our costumes off for the time being.

Mike & Karly probably got the prize for best costume.

Look at the little dog costume that Howie has on!

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