Saturday, October 25, 2008

new chef in the house

This is what happens when Isaac is left alone in the kitchen for a few minutes...he makes his own version of cinnamon toast! I had left the loaf and fixins out after making Vance and Isaac a morning snack...but apparently Isaac hadn't had enough. :) It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but he poured a cup of water on top of the bread and cutting board after shaking out all of the cinnamon sugar. I think he was trying to "clean" the loaf after he had made a "BIIIIIIG mess". I was upset about the soggy bread, but had to laugh at the same time.

True to form, as soon as I post about how thankful I am, things in the parenting world take a turn south. I'm slowly learning that this is the rhythm of life with a 2 year old (or, at least, my two year old). We go back and forth between opposites. The past few days, Isaac has been disobeying a good bit, and talking back to me. It needs to be addressed, but sometimes it can be funny....
Isaac: "Mama! COME UPSTAIRS, RIGHT NOW!" (with an angry face and wild gesticulating for emphasis).
Me: "Isaac! You do not speak to me like that! You are not the boss! How do you talk to Mama?"
Isaac: (trying a new tactic, with a sweet voice) "Mama, can you come upstairs and put your shoes on and go outside with me?"
Me: "That's a much nicer way to talk to me. Yes, I can come." (I go upstairs and put on my shoes)
Isaac: "Good job, Mama! Good obeying!!!!!!"
Me: hmmmmmmmm....
Something tells me he still needs to learn basic authority structures around here... :)


Eric said...

laughing, not at you. I know this lesson: You're the boss! :)

Becca said...

actually I'm becca. But Eric knows who's boss too. :)