Friday, October 10, 2008

slipping through my fingers...

Today I had to make a run to Target to get "a few things". I don't know about you, but my list of always magically grows while I walk through aisle upon aisle of glittering merchandise. But I did better today, and stuck to my list, thanks to my new goal.

The bad news was that all the stuff on my list still added up to pack quite a punch. Wipes, formula, razor blades, shampoo, body wash, superglue, and cream cheese....a grand total of $44. A third of the way through the month and already more than half the way through my cash. Bummer.

Now I've got to think of something creative for our costumes tomorrow. If you have any great pirate ideas, start sending them my way! :)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the post of saving! I wish I had your email but I lost it and never wrote you aaaahhh!! :) Such is life with four. huh :) BTW your kiddos are super cute.
Anyway, I am finding a new way to save in my categories with a new wonderful world of couponing. I thought I would put a few blog addresses here on this post for you to check out. Don't feel any pressure but shopping at Walgreens and CVS may actually save you some bucks! Love ya!!

Anyway, there are a few and you might be able to find some bloggers in your area that have found deals at the store.

Jenn :)

Becca said...

Anon. suggests CVS or Walgreens. If you make it work for you, please share! I've been reading these crazy bloggers share the game they play with these stores, but it sounds like a lot to keep straight. So, go for it Terri! Then take me along sometime.

BTW, we're down to $19 for the month. slipping through my fingers, for sure.