Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more Isaac-isms

Just a couple more snipppets from Isaac's world....

Isaac (as we are driving down the road into the sun): "Mama! The sun is looking at me! It's looking at me!"
* * * * * * * *
We had spent a lot of time listening to some worship music in the car, but I finally switched it out recently. I then realized that my son has very strong opinions on what sort of music we ought to listen to...

Isaac (after I put in a Sufjan Stevens album): "Mama!!!! WHERE IS GOD?!?!?! I WANT GOD!!! WHERE IS HE?!?!?!"
Me: "Honey, it's okay! God is everywhere, we're just listening to some new music, okay?"
Isaac: "NO! I WANT GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Apparently he couldn't handle my pagan music, so I switched to the Jars of Clay Redemption Songs album. That pacified him. Today, however, I put in some Allison Krauss. To my horror, he doesn't like bluegrass either! He kept saying, "Not this one, Mama, not this one. Turn it off." I'm having nightmares about raising a son who will only listen to Michael W Smith and Stephen Curtis Chapman (no offense to fans of those artists. I'm just sayin).

* * * * * *

Isaac is lately fascinated by my makeup, and he loves to watch me do it in the morning. Yesterday, as I pulled out my eyeliner, he piped up in the sweetest little voice with, "Mama? What are you doing? Are you drawing a dog?"

Gracious. I hope not.


Jessica said...

Terri...these are hilarious and so sweet!
Thanks for sharing,

Becca said...

Are you drawing a dog???? I love it! If Eva watched you, she would ask, "Are you drawing a princess?" Much more gratifying (I think...).

Ivy Mom said...

Hi Terri! Just discovered your blog and it's great to catch up with y'all this way. Read this post and had to laugh. Lane calls himself my "makeup hepper." He loves "helping" me put on my make-up. Glad to know there are other little boys out there fascinated with their mom's make-up! Take care!

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