Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wacky Tacky Christmas

I know you all have been dying to see pictures from the Thompson's Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. I was pretty excited to be able to deck everyone out in style for this. Unfortunately, this picture does not do my sweater justice. It was resplendent in rhinestone/glitter/metallic glory. Isaac thought my sweater was possibly the prettiest thing I had worn all year. He loved it. Vance loved lending me some long white socks to scrunch over my stretch pants. He said he wasn't sure he could have married me in the 80s....I was a little too good at it. Um, thanks, honey. :)
Niice, Hannah! Beki, I'm not sure you are tacky yet....

Mike & Karly raided their parents' stash...

Nathan's outfit is tres classy--I think his sweatshirt says something like, "Holiday Baking" on it. Mark is trying to make up for his lack of tackiness by adding reindeer ears.

This shot shows Isaac's sweater a little better. His was my was pilly, with holly and scotty dogs all over it. And it was only $1.99. Perfect. He also loved this sweater.

Our lovely hosts...note that Jen's sweater has real, authentic shoulder pads. The beautiful roundness was even better in person.

Malachi looking a little confused

Note Nathan's santa socks, and Sara's jingle bell necklace.
Almost makes you want to go get your own tacky sweater, doesn't it?!

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Jessica said...

These are funny Terri! Thanks for sharing :-)
ps. I love your hair!

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