Monday, December 27, 2010

Claire is Three!

Yesterday, Claire turned three! Little Miss "All By Myself" is growing up so fast. She is a nurturing little mama to Evie and her baby dolls, an independent little lady, an opinionated drama queen, and our very sweet little girl. She is saying so many cute things these days, and keeps us laughing up our sleeves at the dinner table.

Lately one of her favorite songs is "Glorious and Mighty"....real words are on the right:

Glorious and Mighty Glorious and Mighty
You're Sovereign in Cuuuuties You're awesome in beauty
Greatly to be Raised Greatly to be praised

Claire has no problem keeping up with Isaac these fact, he depends on her to find missing toys, open packages, and attend to other activities which require patience and fine motor skills. She loves to dispense the morning vitamin, oversee any cooking, play playdoh, and sing loudly and with exaggerated vibrato. She thinks she is fifteen already, and takes her little responsibilities very seriously.

Since Papa Dan, Deonni, and Aunt Allie were here for Christmas, she got to celebrate in style (even though we're waiting a couple of weeks after Christmas for party/presents). Aunt Allie took her to see her first movie in the theater (Tangled), which she greatly enjoyed. She chose asparagus and macaroni and cheese for her birthday dinner, and a purple kitty cat cake--which she has been dreaming about for months. It is so fun to celebrate you, sweet Claire, because we love you so much! Happy Birthday!
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