Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Evie at Three Months

This little cutie is the Sweetest Baby in the World--we tell her so all the time, and we all believe it!
At three months, she is holding her head up without any uncertainty, not needing as many feedings, and letting out funny little laughs that make us all act like complete morons to get more out of her. She is my first baby to truly hate tummy time. The others had short attention spans on their stomach, but she cries as soon as I put her on her tummy. Then Isaac comes over and tells her how good exercise is for her, and how strong she's going to get when she keeps it up. In case you were wondering, the pep talk never helps.

She loves Isaac and Claire, patiently puts up with their attention, but prefers Mama and Daddy. We do have a bit more experience with babies. She loves hanging out with us (ie, she must be held nearly constantly), which is fine, because we love being with her! Happy 3 months, baby girl!
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