Friday, December 03, 2010


I have so many little conversations with the kids stored up in my head, but as said object is less than reliable, I realized I needed to save these stories for later. I might need them :)

* * *
Today, in the car:

Claire: When I grow up, I want to be Cinder-lella.
Isaac: Princesses like beautiful things. They like to live in beautiful castles, and have beautiful pink tulips, and beautiful purple tulips.
Me: Wow, Isaac, you know a lot about princesses. How did you learn so much about princesses?
Isaac: That's just the way God made me!

* * *
At dinner with friends, when Claire returned to the dining room with both legs stuck in one side of her culottes (yes, my daughter has culottes. Crazy.)

Me, picking her up to show the other girls: Look what Claire did!
Everyone chuckles, and as I set Claire down, she starts wailing.
Me: Honey, what happened? Did you hit your head on the table when I set you down?
Claire, still sobbing: Don't be laughing at me!

In that moment, I realized two things: 1) My girl is growing up so fast--I can't believe how self-aware she is, and 2) I have a GIRL. And if her hormones are like this at 2, I have a lot to look forward to in the teenage years. Hang on to your hats...

* * *

At Wal-Mart, checking out. At the time of this story, I was 9 months pregnant, and the cashier was also very round, but very NOT pregnant.

Isaac, looking at the cashier: When is your baby coming?

Note: At this point in the story (the point at which my heart hits my stomach), I notice that the cashier does not yet realize that Isaac is talking about her. I have two options: 1) ignore Isaac's comment, and hope that he does not say it louder, or 2) play the comment off as referring to me. I choose option 2.

Me, laughing: Our baby will be here soon, sweetie! In just a couple of weeks!
Isaac: Not your baby, Mama! HER baby! (as he points to the cashier)

At this point, the smile dissolves from the cashier's face, and she finishes checking out my items in silence. I can think of nothing to say that will help, and lamely wish her a nice day and run off as soon as I have paid.

* * *
At our house, where we are hosting a cookout for Vance's lab. About 15 people are here, gathered and ready to eat. It would be helpful to note that, in our reading of On the Shores of Silver Lake the previous day, Isaac asked me what "drunk" was. We had an enlightening discussion on the sin of dissipation. Vance had just finished blessing the food, when Isaac, ever the gracious host, pipes up with his announcements for the guests.

Isaac: The beer is in the cooler by the fridge! You can only have ONE at a TIME! If you have too many, you will get DRUNK! Don't do that, you will LOSE your PRIVILEGES!!!

(Everyone laughed. But was it coincidence that only half a dozen beers were consumed that evening?)

All I want for Christmas is a social filter for my son. :)


Heidi Brachle said...

LOL! Of course the lack of social filter is always much funnier when it's someone else's child... or husband. ;)

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard! thanks for sharing Terri! It is fun to laugh out loud!

rob said...

sooooo funnnnnnyyyy Terri...keep it coming!

love, Katie

Becca said...

I love it! I can relate to all of it... except the drunk part, which is the absolute funniest!