Thursday, April 14, 2011

6 Months

Well, I'm a bit behind, and my baby is really 6.5 months. Close enough, right? :) These pictures, however, were taken right at 6 months. My grandmother, grandfather, aunt, and 3-year old cousin came for a visit before my other cousin's wedding. It was so fun to see my mom's side of the family. We don't see enough of them...maybe one of these days we'll have to plan the family road trip extraordinaire and get all the way up to PA.
Eve got her 6 month checkup this week, and she has clocked in as a petite wee thing. Except for her head...apparently she's got mine :/ Length: 26 in" (42%) Weight: 15 lbs (22%) Head: 17.5" (94%) Since I'm pretty sure that she doesn't really belong in the 22nd percentile, we're beefing up her feedings a little. Seeing her weight drop in the curve always makes me nervous, but at this point I'm doing all I can to keep my supply up. I'm just not one of those powerhouse mamas with milk to spare, I guess. Unlike many of my friends :) At 6 months, Eve is adept at sitting, and she is so stinkin proud of herself for this accomplishment. She will often sit without toys, just grinning at anyone coming near her. She is starting to reach for EVERYTHING, and I predict she will be active like her predecessors. Crazily enough, she has skipped rolling from back to front. She has no interest in doing so whatsoever. My pediatrician doesn't seem concerned. She has also decided to make naptime a battle, which is disappointing, to say the least. Things are improving, but she is no longer taking that blissful 3-hour afternoon nap. I guess I shouldn't have expected it to last :). She is talking a lot these days, still gives her biggest smiles to her brother and sister, and loves to be held 24/7. I cannot believe you have been with us for half a year, sweet girl! We can't imagine life without you and your smiles.


The Hutton Family said...

Oh, Terri, I have learned to not expect much at naptime anymore. All that third baby wants is to be with the older two.

Jessica said...

fyi...fenugreek is a great milk supply booster.

Katie said...

Our third needs the least sleep of all our kids:) Hope it is different for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Katie