Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

Sunday was the best day of the year. I did not really understand that until I became an adult, but now Resurrection Sunday (as my mom so rightly insisted) is my favorite holiday. I think I've said that before.

This year I celebrated by bouncing babies and rocking infants and changing diapers. You should have seen me trying to get everyone into their Easter finery, putting a hot cross bun and a banana into each sleepy hand, and piling them all in the car by 7:45! Vance stayed home until the second service so he could rest, which partly explains why this Easter shot of the kids is so haphazard (and this is the "best" one I got!). It doesn't really show off the heirloom dresses that Granny smocked for us girls growing up, but it does show that we were alive and well, at least. I didn't have an assistant for this one...and Isaac let Eve roll into the dirt afterwards :(. Fortunately she wasn't hurt in the slightest, and didn't even cry.

I'm working on taking some shots to enlarge for our very undecorated church nursery...and I got one halfway good one of Evie :)

I had a lot to be grateful for on Sunday. Firstly, the resurrection--Christ's and mine. Secondly, that Vance was well enough to come to church and enjoy the rest of the day with us instead of in bed. Thirdly, friends to come over and celebrate with good food, lots of little kid chaos, and fun in the pool. Fourthly, for my very comfortable bed that I crashed into by 10pm :).
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