Friday, April 29, 2011

Seven Months

My cutie is seven months old...closer to one than a newborn. She celebrated the auspicious day by cutting a tooth. This is unaccountably exciting to me. It takes no talent to get a tooth, and as far as I know most every baby cuts them. And yet there I was, squealing to everyone who would listen about the new arrival.

We also celebrated her 7 month birthday by taking her into the pool. She was not really a fan. The water was 82 degrees, which is probably not warm enough for her discerning little self. Maybe we'll try again when it gets to 85 or so.

I noticed that she has been sleeping better in the last few days, and I wonder if her short naps were due to teething. I can never identify teething except in hindsight.

The girls are sharing sisterly confidences.

Everyone wanted to get in on the photo session. One day I will get a picture with all of them looking and smiling at the same time!

We are doing a bit better around here. Vance has had some more fatiguing days, as we expected, but the second half of the week has not been as exhausting as previous weeks. I started to get sick yesterday, but slept for 11 hours last night, and that seemed to stave it off. Thank goodness! Overall I think we're feeling a little more hopeful that Vance is (slowly) mending.

Thanks again for all your prayers and care--we have felt very loved by you all!
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Heidi Brachle said...

I was reading this thinking, "How can Evie be seven months already? She's a few days younger than Audri." Yep, I'm a great mom... completely missed my child turning a month older. Congrats on the tooth miss Evie! I love the pics, Terri and we're definitely keeping you all in our prayers.