Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Book Launch!

Well, I had my big party on Sunday night. Sorry it's taken so long to get the pictures up. We had a lot of fun! I didn't really know what to expect, not having been to a book launch (or for that matter, even know anyone who'd been to a book launch). But it was very encouraging to have so many friends there to support me. I was nervous about speaking, mostly because I felt like everything I came up with sounded so much more insipid than I felt--and missions is something that I feel strongly about, so that was frustrating. I honestly don't know how I did, but even if it wasn't the greatest, hopefully people will get the thrust of what I wanted to say through the book.

It's exciting to have the book out, but it's also a little nerve-wracking. As soon as I let something out of my hands, I want it back because I think of thousands of ways to improve it. Same with this book--especially with this book. But it had to go to press sometime.
The folks at the Overflow were very helpful, and their coffeehouse was perfect for the launch. We gave away free coffee with every book purchase, and had lots of desserts, so hopefully people left well-fed and happy. We, at least, had a great time!

signing...trying to be meaningful but brief (what about yearbook signing tricks? TTYL! BFF! Never change!)

Attempting to speak coherently about why and what I wrote...

Isaac started to scream when I started talking (can you say adios, composed speech, hello mommy brain?!), and Aaron graciously took him outside so I could try to put my thoughts together with some degree of sanity for the sake of our guests.

Me and my man, who emceed for me, carried boxes of books, helped me plan, set up, and watch Isaac--all with lots of joy and excitement. He made it all happen.

me and my (little) man, who stayed up past his bedtime with the help of our favorite parenting crutch...an apple.

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