Wednesday, August 15, 2007

little friends

Our friend Ava came over recently for a few hours, and Isaac was in awe. He had all the classic signs of romantic attatchment: inability to eat, an expression of wonder, the shameless following of Ava wherever she went. They had a great time playing outside in the sand.
I was amazed to see (limited, true, but) actual teamwork in a pair of toddlers. I had to document it.

Isaac is in seventh heaven: a girl who likes sand and dump trucks?! Could it get any better?

This is from awhile ago, but one evening I was watching Isaac and our neighbor Caleb. They're about 5 weeks apart. It was fun to watch them play peek-a-boo in the bathroom, especially since they now like to spend so much time ripping toys away from each other! :/

I wonder why they liked playing in the bathroom so much? It's about the size of an airplane bathroom (can I hear some "amens" from our past visitors? :). But I suppose when you're little, the size seems just about right.

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Jenn said...

These first friends are precious - thanks for sharing. :)