Saturday, October 06, 2007

birthday fun

Yesterday was my birthday (I am 26 now, thank you very much...does passing the quarter-century mark automatically make me more respectable? Let's hope so :). Lots of people made sure I had a wonderful birthday, from cards and early presents and phone calls and a surprise birthday cake and some things that I had been longing for giftwise. My birthday champion award goes to Beth, who not only went in to get me a new camera lens that I was wanting, but also made me a birthday cake for small group AND took Isaac for the night so that Vance and I could have a leisurely morning this morning spending all my birthday money. She is my hero, and she made "my day" special indeed.

In other news, Isaac chipped his tooth when he tripped and fell on a pot (sounds strange, I know, but it happened). He has now inherited Aunt Allie's old nickname of "Snaggletooth". I'm bummed, knowing that my son will have a chipped tooth until the antique age of 6 or so. He's learning lots of words right now, and can understand more and more. I can't believe how much my little boy is growing up.

And yes, I realize that these pictures have nothing to with my birthday, but these pictures are so much more fun than any picture you would have seen with me, bleary-eyed at breakfast opening my present and eating Vance's pancakes with strawberries & whipped cream. Isaac and Vance are just too photogenic to leave out of this post. :)

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Jenn said...

Happy Happy Birthday. I remember sharing parties with you as kids. Do you remember the great games your dad would come up with? It was always so fun!