Thursday, October 25, 2007

the unexpected

Since we've been married, Vance and I have been (trying) to keep a pretty tight budget. We tried to live on just his salary when I was working so that we could save up for kiddos. Now we live on his graduate student income plus my small contribution as a part-time piano teacher. We try to be good, really we do, but it's amazing how much money gets spent! But over the last three years, I have been amazed at how faithful God has been to us financially.

Little things, big things--blessings all. Like someone leaving a bunch of organic groceries on our doorstep. Another nameless contributor bringing by some produce when I was just stressing about the food budget. Checks that came in the mail from friends we didn't even talk to that much. Gift certificates from other dear friends. Extra gas money from piano students. The list goes on. Like it says in the psalms (can't remember the reference, sorry), "I was young, and now I am old, but I have never seen the righteous man forsaken, or his children begging bread." It seems that just when I am about to start worrying about how we'll cover the next big expense, God shows his faithfulness to remind me that he is in control.

That happened again this weekend. On Saturday night, Vance and I worked on the finances. Vance pointed out that we were overspending on entertainment, and that we should try to cut back. I hate cutting back on entertainment, because that's our date money. But we figured we could try to do more free/cheap things.

The next morning at church, a close friend came up to us with a gift bag. We had helped her with some yardwork over the summer, and she had come to say thank you. She had two gift certificates to some fun restaurants in the area, plus four movie tickets. That's four dates, people!! We were so thankful--both to Beth, for her generosity, and to God, for knowing our desires and choosing to bless us.

Then this week, Vance's advisor gave us tix to the next U of M hockey game. 6th row seats. I've not been to a college hockey game before, but they say hockey in the Midwest is like basketball in the south. Should be fun--another adventure, and another free date.

Just another kiss on the head from a Father who is so faithful...

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Jenn said...

Terri, What a faith building post. Thank you so much for sharing.