Tuesday, March 11, 2008

50 degrees!

...and we were all anxious to get outside :), Isaac especially. He loved having the windows open, and was outside as much as possible today.

March is a crazy month in Minnesota. With a record high of 80 degrees, and a record low around -30, the only place in the world with more extreme swings in temperature is Siberia. Siberia! 112 degrees between the record high and low. It boggles my mind....and I live here!

Isaac is feeling better, albeit still with a runny nose. He is growing up so fast. Today, when Vance left for work, he said, "Bye! Have fun, Daddy!" completely on his own. Even with his exploding vocabulary, however, there are words he doesnt know. So he has a substitute word: peascany (or pieskanee, as Vance spells it). I have no idea where he got it, but it gets used whenever he doesn't know the right word. Which is often. :) It's right up there with "yellow" which is the response I get any time I ask him what color something is. Two year olds. :)

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Chris and Jennifer James said...

It has been a vile winter has it not? For the first time since November we can see grass! (ok, so it's soggy, yellow grass under which a 1 foot deep mass of muddy soup awaits to envelope your foot up to your ankle)

More snow this weekend, but nothing accumulated (Lord willing). I think we're seeing the dawn of Spring!!