Monday, March 17, 2008

play gym

Here are a few pictures of Claire with the new love of her life--the play gym. She can kick around on her little gym for over an hour sometimes. It amazes me how much she loves it. We just put her feet close to the pole so she can kick it, and she has a blast. Zack also likes to shake the rattles, so they make a good team. And since the gym can fold up and fit under the couch, I like it too. Everyone wins :).

I've been thinking a lot today about how fun it is to watch your kids enjoy each other. People talk a lot about sibling rivalry and jealousy, but sibling affection doesn't get a lot of press. I've been amazed at how Isaac seems to really love Claire. He loves to be with her and look at her and touch her. Today he came to "visit" her while she was (once again) enjoying her play gym, and she smiled when she saw him coming over to her. Melts my heart...

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