Monday, March 03, 2008

Little Sweeties

Okay, I've been bad about posting pictures, so here's a bunch. Zack and Claire love to hold hands....or at least, Zack loves to hold hands with Claire. He just loves to be in contact with her, period. It was too cute to pass up.
Bucking Bronco has been the new favorite game in our house. The Bronco often pitches the cowboy onto the couch, amidst un-cowboylike squeals of laughter and demands of, "more bronco! more bronco!"

oh man. this one gets me every time.

makes you want to 'fess up, doesn't it? yes, sir.

This was one of the events at the Little Sweeties Dance. Of course, for a preschoolers dance, over half the activities had nothing to do with dancing. There was a large muscle room with lawn mowers and cars and slides, a coloring station, a decorate-your-cookie station, a coloring station, a reading station, etc. Isaac spent most of his time running around in the gym.

There was, though, some "dancing". Isaac loves loves loves music, but I think he was a little shy about prancing around with the older kids. He stood mesmerized in line with them, but wouldn't move a muscle the whole time.

A little different from your typical bump and grind, eh?

Zack's friend Caleb turned two on Saturday, and we got to go to his hoppin party. Here's Isaac pretending to partake of the cake (although weirdly enough, he doesn't like cake all that much. Didn't eat any of his own birthday cake). He and Caleb spent half the time running outside in the hall. Typical boys. We had lots of fun.

Here's Claire, showing off her neck muscles. She can get a lot higher than this, actually, but I haven't gotten it on camera yet. She's a tough little cookie.

And some smiles for the camera. I was both the comedian and the photographer, so these didn't turn out that great, but it gives you a little idea of what she's up to these days.


Ellen said...

Awwwww. I wanted to see Zack Zack bustin' a move. Oh well. I've seen it in person. Claire is quite the chunker! Chin rolls and everything! Cool! She looks a lot like Zack did in the face at that age, but the body type is completely different. I guess that milk you're providing is the gold standard! =)

Chris and Jennifer James said...

Great to see that the family is doing well! We really need to come up there soon.