Thursday, April 02, 2009

15 months

My little baby is 15 months now, and she is acting like it! She's been walking for a month now (and she's getting close to running), and she is my little adventurer, always eager to get outside the minute it seems even a little bit warm. I'm wondering if she has asthma like me, though--being outside in chilly weather on the heels of a cold, she started wheezing. It's always sad when your kids inherit the weak genes in the pool. Hopefully she doesn't have serious asthma, but we'll just have to wait and see.

She had her checkup last week, and clocked in very healthy. She's 24lb 2oz (71%) and 31.25" (76%), very proportionate, and doing all the things she should be doing at this age, including freaking out at the doctor's office :). She has 7 words now, "Mama", "Daddy", "Isaac" ("I-zee"), "no" (although she never uses it! :), "Hi", "Uh-oh", and "Baby." I thought she said "cookie" twice at dinner today, but there haven't been enough repetitions for me to be sure.

She is already fulfilling her calling as a janitor, spending her time outside (or in other public places) toodling around looking for trash, which she earnestly turns in to me. She is serious about keeping the world clean and green. If Isaac gets to go outside without her, she cries and stands at the door watching. She is not prissy at all--constantly running to the dirtiest, sandiest parts of the yard and poking around. She climbs the stairs and holds my hand while she shoots down the slide. The world is going to be her oyster this summer.

I love you, baby girl!
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