Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pleased as punch

I was wanting to think of some non-bunny/egg/candy little gifts for the kids this weekend...I really do want the resurrection to be a big-deal holiday around here, and I've been trying to find little ways to make it special. Lo and behold, the dollar spot at Target had the two things I was looking for: buckets and sunglasses. Both gifts were a big hit with the little people around here.

Isaac insisted on wearing his sunglasses to church (he cut quite a figure with his sunglasses/suit combo), and told everyone he looked "like Mr. Whipple" (who also has yellow glasses). But alas and alack, he lost the sunglasses after the service. It was a great tragedy. Isaac decided that the best way to cope was to blame someone else. "Someone came and stole my glasses!" He could not be convinced that it might--just might--be that he lost them himself. Oh no. Someone stole them. All those jealous people who wanted yellow sunglasses. How early the blameshifting starts!

We weren't able to play with the buckets much on Sunday, due to the amount of feasting and partying that occured, but Monday was beautiful, and the kids loved playing with their new toys. I was surprised Claire was able to use the shovel! She promptly used the shovel as a spoon, and ate some sand. I think Vance convinced her that it wasn't such a delicacy, and she has since stuck to shoveling the sand into her bucket.

Boy, do I love spring!
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Ellen said...

Ahhh, I love the first picture. What a delicate little flower she is... =)