Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hidden Falls

Vance proposed a picnic dinner out to a park tonight...who was I to oppose takeout? So we went to Hidden Falls, right on the Mississippi. The falls were nothing to write home about, but the kiddos had fun "hiking" the 1/3 mile up to the water.
See that shiner? It was much more impressive on Tuesday.

my little rockclimber
mmm..Quizno's by the river.

first exposure to soft drinks, I think :)

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rob said...

Looks like a lot of fun! As a lifetime MN girl I can tell you it will look better after lots of spring rain. Though you are right it isn't a "big" hidden falls:)

We spent the weekend working on the lawn and visiting Menards. It was wonderful:)It was great to be outside working together as a family enjoying God's creation and brainstorming/dreaming about the yard possibilities!

Love, Katie
*we are messy eaters too!