Monday, April 13, 2009

happy day II

Granny smocked this dress for me when I was little...I found out yesterday that I could make good money selling it on eBay, but I think it will stay in the family. It's one of my favorites (and on one of my favorites! what a sweetie)

There was an egg hunt, which included this scene beween Malachi and Hazel. There was a little tussle over the purple egg you see falling to the ground. Although Hazel got a boxing from Malachi, she stayed scrappy and ultimately made off with the egg. I got it all on film :)

Isaac stayed above the fray, preferring to burrow next to me with his treasured stash of candy. Yes, I let him eat it all in one sitting. No, it wasn't very much. Yes, he enjoyed it. No, he did not melt down when it was gone. He's growing up so fast.
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SMS said...

That dress is precious !!!!! What a cutie pie!!