Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I haven't talked as much about Isaac's doings of late, but he's certainly been busy! Here are just a few of the things he's been up to:

1) Vance took Isaac on a special date to the zoo on Saturday--the lion and the tiger both roared, and Isaac thought it was the most special event ever...he talked about it all day, and told everyone about it at church the next. After they got home Isaac worked with Vance on a lego tower (see above), and when I tried to take a picture, he practiced his favorite silly faces. For some reason, he loves to cross his eyes while he's eating.

2) Isaac has been getting back into the alphabet with a vengeance...we sing the ABC's almost every naptime, and he loves an alphabet puzzle that he has. Lately he has been sounding out the words we use, trying to figure out what letter the word starts with. He's getting pretty good at it! He'll say, "Dog! That starts with duh, duh, D!" The cutest thing is that Claire has started imititating him...she'll go around saying, "duh, duh, DEEEE!" with a big grin on her face.
3) Make Way for Ducklings has made quite an impression on him of late. Do you remember the police officer who stops the traffic to let the ducklings cross the streets of Boston? Well, we were heading to the car the other day, and Isaac, upon seeing a student walking on the sidewalk, immediately turns on him, stretches out his hand in a weird, channeling-Harry-Potter sort of way, and mutters, "I'm stopping him." When the guy walked right on by, he found another victim, ran a few feet, and repeated the same stance. "I'm stopping her." Again, no luck. Finally, he ran out to the middle of the street to stop a car that was coming (don't worry, it was far away). When the car likewise refused to respond to his tactics, he said, "they aren't stopping!" I explained that only policemen had the power to stop traffic. "But I want to be a farmer!" he said. I guess the stopping of pedestrians and vehicles will be left to another man.

4) In general, I am surprised by how he holds onto quotes from books. Our dinner conversations will go something like this: Vance telling me about his day, relating conversations about stem-cell research and etc., then Isaac will start talking to himself, "the guests began to take off their party hats..." and then, "the fat policeman grabbed him by one arm, then thin policeman by the other..." We live our lives in between quotation marks around here.
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Ivy Mom said...

So sweet.

Mike and Karly said...

haha, i looked at the lego picture and i thought to myself, "he looks cross-eyed!" i have never seen him do that before!

Joy said...

Terri, you really need to move back here! First, because I miss you. But secondly, because you need to tutor my kids :) Alice doesn't say one word yet, and the only letter Ava can identify is A. I can't believe how smart your kids are! I'll be sending more photos out soon!