Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Look at Me!"

See what my son has been up to? Growing up--while I was upstairs changing a diaper! I was outside chatting with my neighbor yesterday afternoon, and went inside to quickly change Claire. When I came back, Dong Mi had put Isaac on her daughter's old bike. I was shocked! He took to it right away, and only wanted me to hold on for about 2 minutes.

Never mind that the bike is pink with "Pearls & Jewels" emblazoned on the front. Isaac is totally enthralled with it. Riding the "Big Boy Bike" is all he wants to do. Don't worry, I found the bike helmet I had squirreled away in the storage unit. He's safe now.

I'm the one you need to worry about...I wasn't ready for my son to become one of those speeding kids on bikes, going faster than I can run, getting huge gashes on his chin and knees, having fun without me... But, unprepared as I was, I have to get excited about this new adventure when I see that proud, excited smile on his face.
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rob said...

Amazing! What a blessing to have a nice sidewalk behind your place. This is coming from one who lives in a town with hardly any sidewalks. I guess my kids will learn on the road:)