Friday, April 17, 2009


Proof that my kids enjoy their food.

Look at who's growing up and using a spoon! She is very excited about her new talent...and so am I! I'm not a huge fan of spoon-feeding, so I'm more than ready for her to take over in the eating department. I know that other parents probably don't let their kids eat like this: oh, well. They're having fun, it doesn't hurt anybody, and I just don't care enough to try and keep mealtimes neat. Now you know what we're really like :)

Oh, and Claire has learned two new words: "Mine!" (the staple of every sibling's vocabulary), and "Please" (hooray!).
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SMS said...

Your mealtime looks very familiar :) The girls are feeding themselves finger foods now and it does get super messy. Love that learning process :)